Family Worship

RBC believes that one of God’s primary earthly concerns is the family. In Scripture, the family where his normal pattern of salvation is first seen, it’s where disciples are first made, and it’s where spiritual maturity first becomes evident. Boys learn to become godly servant-leaders in the home, and girls learn to become godly helpmeets, imaging the gospel and bringing glory to Christ. 

Regular family worship, then, is a key factor in our obedience to the Lord! In family worship, the Bible is read, God’s praise is sung, Scripture’s truth is explained and learned, and prayer is offered to the Lord. Two excellent resources here are Joel Beeke’s booklet Family Worship or Don Whitney’s brief video series.

At Reformation, we encourage families to worship together, not separately. Few things are more powerful, influential, and formative for a child’s soul than seeing Mom and Dad striving to honor God together all week long in private family worship, and seeking God together on the Lord’s Day in public corporate worship. We want to do all we can to encourage that! 

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